Not really my #ootd…

I wore my Indie Hipster Retro p3 Round Cat Eye Sunglasses from zeroUV today and felt über cute buying coffee from my favorite kiosk before work this morning and shopping around after work this afternoon.

I work at Hollister and we have this “look policy” that basically says LOOK NATURALLY ATTRACTIVE ALWAYS (minimal makeup, absolutely no eyeliner or lipstick, natural looking hair, one stud per ear and no other piercings, trimmed nails, no nail polish, etc.). It kills, really. I am not me when I can’t wear eyeliner or lipstick, and I have to keep my hair in a certain way that hides my conch piercing.

We also have style guides every season that show us what we can wear to work. In sixth and seventh grade, I wore nothing but Hollister and Abercrombie. I am now nineteen, out of school, and haven’t been interested in the company since I was thirteen. I started working for the A&F company in August or September of last year. I was working at Forever 21 at the time (where I could wear black, eyeliner, lipstick, and closed toe shoes), and the store manager of Gilly Hicks asked if I would be interested in a second job. I wasn’t, but my friend who worked at Gilly Hicks convinced me to apply anyways. “I know it’s always been your dream to work for the brand! This is your chance!”

Anyways. Somehow I got the job (I really didn’t expect to after showing up to my interview in black makeup, black clothes, even black tights, and rambling off about how diversity is different things, different people, different ideals….), and then our store was shut down at the end of December. I was transferred to Hollister.

I digress. My point was that this is not really what I wore today. I wore the shorts to work with a hooded knit top and my Gilly Hicks slippers. I wasn’t wearing lipstick nor eyeliner (Okay, I’m lying. I wear lipstick to work. But I wear a very natural looking color so I don’t get caught. How can I leave the house without putting on a bit of lipstick?), and I left my sunnies in my locker.


I wanted to take cute pictures in my sunnies after work, though, so I put on this top from 21MEN (while working there, I discovered that the men’s extra small at Forever 21 fits me beautifully) and a belt I bought at Goodwill, smothered my lips in matte red lipstick, and even put on eyeliner under the sunnies because it helped me feel complete.

The sunflower is from a bouquet my “date” gave me for Valentine’s Day.

Sunflowers are my favorite flowers.

(Don’t mind my tummy; it’ll be bikini ready by summertime, I promise!)


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